Sport – Premier League

Saturday 9th/Sunday 10th’s premier league football predictions

To say it’s coming to the business end of the season is an understatement. There’s still a lot to play for during the next seven/eight games. Here’s how I think things will pan out this weekend.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Everton

1 – 2

Wolves have had some big wins at home this season, but most of the time they just haven’t been good enough. With Everton now safe and under relatively little pressure, I think they’ll nick this one.

Blackburn Rovers v Birmingham

1 – 1

One of those games which has draw written all over it. Both teams are on 34 points and need to win, but I think they’ll cancel each other out.

Bolton Wanderers v West Ham United

2 – 1

After their promising start to the season Bolton have somewhat fizzled out. West Ham will put them under pressure as they fight to survive, and a win would lift them out of the relegation zone. But they should have beaten Man U, and failed too, last week. Are they confident enough to do it? I don’t think so.

Chelsea v Wigan Athletic

3 – 0

As poor as Chelsea have been since November, they can’t fail to win this one. Wigan are pretty abysmal and there time in the Premiership looks like it’s over. Sorry Wigan, but you have no chance at Stamford Bridge.

Manchester United v Fulham

3 – 0

Similarly Manchester United haven’t played well this year…but are still winning. This doesn’t look like changing tomorrow as Mark Hughes returns to Old Trafford.

Sunderland v West Bromwich Albion

2 – 1

Both teams look like they’re edging towards being safe. With Sunderland on 38 points, they should have nothing to worry about really, and should win this at home.

Tottenham Hotspur – Stoke

1 – 2

Yep, I reckon Stoke will beat Spurs at White Hart Lane. Spurs haven’t won since playing Milan. Not only that, but they haven’t played well either. Stoke are tricky enough as it is, but I think they’ll catch Tottenham cold.

Blackpool v Arsenal

0 – 2

Blackpool have faltered recently, and are now just a point above the drop zone. They couldn’t really have picked a worse time to play Arsenal, who need to win this to have any chance of winning the title.

Aston Villa v Newcastle

1 – 1

Two evenly matched teams, again I think they’ll cancel each other out. Aston Villa are still under pressure so need something from this game. Newcastle seem safe though.

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