Sebastian Vettel will start from pole position for the third straight race tomorrow as he ominously pulls away from the chasing pack.

Nobody could get close to the German in today’s qualifying rounds, with Jenson Button, who will also start on the front, almost a second behind him.


CNN describing the 23-year-old as “unstoppable” certainly seems to be correct at the moment.

It is already hard to see beyond him for the win in Shanghai.

While many people praise the talents of the young chap, which is valid, for the sake of the competition we have to hope he doesn’t triumph.

I do not say this out of spite.

But for this competition to be exciting, as any competition should be, it cannot just be a walk over.


No offence to him, but the last thing we need is another Michael Schumacher.

His talent was great, yes. But for the contest as a whole, his period of domination was dreadful. Boring isn’t the word.

Now we have three exciting teams, in Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren, who are all (pretty much) equal. This makes it interesting.

But if his storming start continues, this excitement will quickly turn to boredom.

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